A Kingdom Hearts Celebration Day 17: Top Ten Most Emotional Moments

Hey guys! I have had this post on hold for the last couple years, so I decided to bring it back out and finally post it for the celebration. Kingdom Hearts can be a very emotional game at times, so in this post, I’m going to count down ten heart-smashing scenes in the series. Obviously, this list is purely my opinion! Let’s get started! (MAJOR Spoiler Warnings!

10. Sora Leaves Twilight Town

I’m here to tell you, Kingdom Hearts II is mainly a bunch of heartache. Long story short, Sora is getting on the train to leave Twilight Town after he wakes up from his year long coma, but as he says goodbye to his new friends (Hayner, Pence, and Olette), he begins to cry. But the thing is, he can’t understand why he’s so upset over leaving. He didn’t know about Roxas yet, so he didn’t realize that the sadness he was feeling was Roxas’. Roxas had been good friends with the Twilight Town trio, so not getting to say goodbye to them himself had to have been upsetting. Since Roxas is Sora’s Nobody, Roxas had to die so Sora could wake up. However, Sora became two people when his heart was taken to create Roxas, so he would never be the same again now that Roxas was a part of him now. So any emotion Roxas felt, Sora felt too, even if he didn’t understand it yet.

9. Aqua Comes Home

Y’all, we’re only at #9 and this scene had me crying like a kid. In Birth By Sleep, Aqua trapped herself in the Realm of Darkness in an attempt to save Terra from falling into darkness. It didn’t entirely work, but she still found herself wandering through the RoD for an entire decade. She was alone for nearly all of it, and eventually the darkness got to her. She’s a boss in the Realm of Darkness in Kingdom Hearts III, but once you defeat her, Sora and Riku are able to save her and bring her back to the real world. At first, Aqua thinks she’s still in the Realm of Darkness, but it soon dawns on her that she’s been saved. Makes for one big emotional scene, group hug included!

8. The Birth By Sleep Trio Reunites

Also in Kingdom Hearts III, Aqua, Terra, and Ventus are reunited after a long, depressing decade goes by for them. Ventus’ heart returns to him and he wakes from his coma right after Aqua is saved from the Realm of Darkness. After this, in the final battle, they come face to face with Terra-Xehanort. It’s a difficult battle, but after the plot twist of who Terra’s Heartless is comes to light, his heart is able to return. The tearful reunion between the three has me getting a little teary-eyed myself!

7. “Don’t Hold Back, Lea. Promise?”

There references in this scene are MEAN. Near the beginning of Kingdom Hearts III, we find out Lea (Axel’s Somebody) and Kairi are in this world where time doesn’t flow the same as the real world so they can train to use their keyblades before the big battle begins. Their friendship begins to grow, but according to Kairi, Lea acts strange around her. Turns out whenever he sees Kairi, he begins to have vague memories of Xion, but they just won’t come through (when Xion died, it became as though she never existed at all and everyone forgot her). As long as Xion is dead, it’s impossible to remember her. But in a conversation between Kairi and Lea, Kairi mentions a mock battle they’re about to take part in, and says, “Don’t hold back, Lea. Promise?” If you go back to 358/2 Days, Xion says the very same thing, except at the time Lea’s name was Axel (“Don’t hold back, Axel. Promise?”). It triggers a major memory for Lea, and when he looks at Kairi, he sees Xion instead and begins to cry, even though he doesn’t understand why he’s so sad. After this, he asks Kairi to start calling him “Axel” instead.

6. “It looks Like My Summer Vacation…Is Over.”

As sad is this scene is, it has to be one of my favorites. It’s the end of some of the greatest two hours of any video game made, I dare say. After playing as Roxas for the beginning of Kingdom Hearts II, he realizes who he is and that in order for Sora to come back, he has to give himself up. For the last seven days in the game, he had lost his memories and was in a data version of Twilight Town. As far as he was concerned, he was on summer vacation from school. Turns out those seven days were just the time it took for Namine to repair Sora’s memories, and the missing piece for Sora to wake up was Roxas. When the time came, Roxas spoke the famous line: “Sora…you’re lucky. It looks like my summer vacation…is over.” When Sora woke up, he had no idea what was sacrificed in order for him to come back.

5. Kingdom Hearts II’s Ending

Honestly there’s nothing sad per se about this ending, but it still manages to get me all emotional every. Single. Time. The NOSTALGIA! It is probably my favorite video game ending everrrrrrr. Anyways, Sora and Co. finally make it back to Destiny Islands after being away for a year. Sora’s reunion with Kairi always gets the waterworks going for me! But before that, we have Sora and Riku in the Realm of Darkness, where Sora reads Kairi’s letter to him (which contains some of the most famous Kingdom Hearts lines there is). For music we got Hikari (orchestral version of Simple and Clean) and Sanctuary, and ugh! It just gets me every time!

4. “See You, Isa.”

I’ve discussed Saix’s death in past posts, but we’re going to talk about it again because it’s just that sad to me. I don’t know what it is about this death scene that makes me so sad, because obviously once he died, he could come back as his Somebody, Isa. But the dialogue here!!! It’s so good!! Axel and Saix were best friends in their Somebody days, but once they became Nobodies, they drifted apart. As he was dying in Kingdom Hearts III, Saix tells Axel that he was jealous of Roxas and Xion, and why he drifted away. Even though I knew he’d get to come back as Isa, there was just something about this scene that had me crying.

3. Xion’s Death

Maybe this should be higher on the list, but I’m going to leave it at #3 for now. If you’re a Kingdom Hearts fan, then this scene probably upsets you, too. It’s HORRIBLE. It’s not the worst death scene I’ve ever seen, but it’s up there. Xion forces Roxas to fight her, and as the battle progresses, Roxas’ memories of her begin to fade. He defeats her, and literally as she is dying in his arms he forgets who she is, according to the 358/2 Days novel. However, he remembers her one last time to cry the infamous line, “Who will I have ice cream with?!” A lot of people make fun of this line, but if you take a deeper look, it makes a lot of since as to why Roxas would say that. At the beginning of 358/2 Days, when Roxas is a new Nobody, his mind is still like a toddler’s pretty much. Axel asks Roxas is he wants to go get ice cream, Roxas asks him why they would do that. Axel replies that it’s just something friends do. So when xion is dying and Roxas asks who he’ll eat ice cream with, he’s basically asking who will be his friend when she’s gone. Here come the waterworks!

2. Sora’s “Death”

If there’s one thing in this series that made me cry harder than Xion’s death, it was Sora’s apparent death. At the end of Kingdom Hearts III, it appears that everyone made it back home safely, and they’re all hanging out together on the beach. All fun and games, right? Then they pull the fast one when Sora suddenly fades away. Turns out in order to bring Kairi back, he had to sacrifice himself. Cue me bawling like a baby because Sora is one of my favorite video game characters of all time. As sad as it was, the reactions of my and my sisters were honestly pretty hilarious!

1. “Guess I Should’ve Brought Some Ice Cream.”

I had no idea what to put for #1, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized just how emotional this scene makes me. Literally every single time I watch it I’ll cry. Near the end of Kingdom Hearts III, Xion makes her return, and everyone remembers her, right? That by itself is an incredibly emotional scene, but then we throw Roxas’ return into the mix. After a big battle between Saix, Roxas, Xion, and Sora, and after Saix’s death, the Sea Salt Trio (Axel, Xion, and Roxas) have their reunion. All three literally burst out crying, and I was soon to follow. It gets me EVERY TIME, I SWEAR. A funny memory I have is when I was playing through the series with one of my best friends, and when we got to this point we were video calling each other. Usually I don’t cry at stuff like this when I’m with people other than my family, but I literally lost it. I mean, what did I expect was going to happen? Like I said, it gets me every time!

So that’s that! If you’re a fan of the series, do you have any scenes that make you emotional? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you!

As always, God bless and have a wonderful day!

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