A Kingdom Hearts Celebration Day 16: 3 Fast Facts

Hey guys! For Day 16, I thought I’d go over 3 facts about Kingdom Hearts that you may or may not know! There’s a lot of cool stuff about KH if you read about it. A lot of changes were made in the early development of the games, especially the first one. It makes me wonder what KH would be like today if they had kept some of their original decisions! Take a look!

The Real Elevator Pitch

This has to be my favorite Kingdom Hearts fact because I can just see this happening. An elevator pitch is supposed to be when you propose an idea, and you have about as long as an elevator trip would take. Well, Kingdom Hearts was proposed in this way…on an actual elevator. Apparently a Disney executive and Shinji Hashimoto from Square Enix ran into each other, and they began to talk about a game between Square Enix and Disney. The idea was made real, and Tetsuya Nomura became the director of the series. There are some who say that this story is fake as far as the setting being on an actual elevator, but who knows? Either way, it brought us Kingdom Hearts.

Before Sora

Before it was decided that Sora would be the protagonist of the game, there were a few other options. Mickey Mouse was an early option, though they quickly decided against it and almost opted for Donald Duck instead. Now THAT would be something! However, they soon settled on a creating a brand new character, Sora. They still referenced how they nearly picked Mickey through the color choice of Sora’s clothes, though!

Chainsaw Sora???

Before the Keblade, there was the chainsaw… For real! At first, Sora was not only half-human and half-lion, but he also wielded a chainsaw. Can you imagine how terrifying that would be? Like, here’s this kid and some Disney characters, and they fight with freaking chainsaws. This is one early concept that I’m relieved they did away with. You can tell they kept some of the chainsaw’s design for the Keyblade, which is think is cool!

Sora’s Early Design (Property of Square Enix)

Those are all I have for now, but perhaps I’ll do more later! For now, let me know your thoughts on these facts in the comments!

God bless y’all and have a wonderful day!

All media property of Square Enix

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