Star Wars Rebels Season Four Trailer Breakdown

Sorry, this post is late, but here it is! Two days ago at the Star Wars Celebration they revealed our first look at Star Wars Rebels Season 4. Sadly, this season will be the last, and its looking to be pretty dark. Let's get to breaking down that emotional trailer. Before we do that, though why not watch it real quick?

Star Wars Rebels: BREAKING NEWS

Today at the Star Wars Celebration Star Wars Rebels season 4 panel they made some pretty exciting announcements! Number one, they revealed a new character that will be coming to Rebels.  Some of you might know him, others of you might have no clue who he is.  But this character, who, along Thrawn and many …

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There has been an awakening...have you felt it?  No, really, have you?  Today at the Star Wars Celebration during the Last Jedi panel they revealed some pretty awesome stuff  I will talk more about other things that they revealed in a different post, for now I want to talk about two key reveals.  Number one, …

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Star Wars Celebration Day One Highlights

At last, the long awaited 2017 Star Wars Celebration has arrived!  Today in Orlando, Florida we saw some pretty amazing things happen. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend personally, but with the kindness and hard work of the people at Star, I was able to watch the live stream of the biggest Star Wars …

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