Weekly Dose of Scripture 5/21/23

Hey guys! It’s time for another verse! I can’t believe this, but I remembered that May is literally Mental Health Awareness month and I haven’t done a single thing about it (and here we are, almost at the end of the month!). It’s apparent that this country has a giant issue with mental health, and it’s very difficult to find help. Like, actual good help, if you know what I mean. While getting therapy is a great step to recovering from depression, an anxiety disorder, or other forms of poor mental health, there is something that can provide the greatest help of all.

Why, my soul, are you downcast? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him, my Savior and my God. – Psalm 42:11

There are a plethora of verses to hold onto in our greatest times of need, but I felt that this would be the best one to share for now. I am no stranger to poor mental health. I have struggled with anxiety since I was a Freshman in high school. At the beginning of this year, I was officially diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and depression. There are times when I feel like I’ll be miserable for the rest of my life, and there’s no hope for me. Sometimes I feel like I’ll never find true joy again. But it is possible to find hope and happiness in these storms. I promise you! When you’re feeling at your worst, that is exactly when the enemy will try and make you believe there really is no hope, and that can suck you into a much deeper, darker place if you listen. It is in these moments that we must cling to God like never before. I can’t say that you’ll be cured immediately. But the more you praise God in the hard times and put your hope in Him – the more you spend time in prayer and in His word – it is possible to find peace. To find happiness. There’s going to be hard days where your mental health gets the better of you. Trust me, I’ve had my fair share of those days. But it’s important to rise above it, and God can help you with that.

I have noticed that many people are ashamed of admitting they struggle with their mental health. Even I sometimes struggle with guilt over my own depression. But I want you to know that you don’t have to be ashamed. It is so important to find help if you are struggling, whether that be from a friend or family member, a therapist, and/or others who struggle as you do. I can’t tell you how sad it makes me to know some people try to deal with it on their own, because from my own experience, it only causes it to become worse. I know it can be difficult to open up, and incredibly difficult to find someone who will guide you through these difficult times, but it can be so worth it!

I hope this encourages you to cling to God through your struggles (and even when you’re not struggling). He is your Protector, your Fortress, you Shield. He loves you more than you can fathom. Reach out to Him, and He will hold you.

God bless y’all and have a wonderful week!


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