Y’all, I’m for real disappointed in myself for not getting to this post sooner, but summer school has really been kicking my butt and I’m only two weeks in! *sigh* But anyway, I’m here now, and it’s time to talk about the mind-blowing news Final Fantasy fans received last Thursday. By now it might be old news, but I can’t just say nothing, right? Haha!

First of all, let me just say a few words about the Summer Game Fest. I usually give things like these a break, but y’all, it was quite the bummer. I wasn’t impressed by a lot of it, and it was clear video game fans were just not having it. But lucky for the Final Fantasy buffs, we got ours a week later with the Final Fantasy 7 25th anniversary event. This celebration lasted all of ten minutes, but they used every second of it to make their fans’ dreams come true. So without further ado, let’s get into what was revealed!

First of all, we got the announcement that the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade will be coming to Steam, and that it will also be coming to the Steam Deck with the actual Remake. They showed some cool merchandise after that, including some awesome jewelry (that Shinra ring is sick, ya’ll) and a Buster Sword alarm clock. If only I had the money, you know? Haha!

The First Soldier has been going on for a while now, and we got this sweet trailer for the next season…

Final Fantasy 7: The First Soldier (Property of Square Enix)

I haven’t really played this game all that much, but it is pretty fun! Since it’s a mobile game it’s just hard for me to get into it. Still, this does look pretty cool!

Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crises (Property of Square Enix)

This game looks like everything I could want in a remake of the entire Final Fantasy 7 storyline! I have been waiting for this game for a long time, so it was nice to get a new look at it, as well as a release date. Obviously the biggest part of this trailer is that shot at the end with who I assume to be young Sephiroth. If we get Sephiroth’s backstory, it would clear a lot of things up, and I am HERE for it! Sephiroth is my favorite villain of all time, so it would be nice to see the younger version of him. Also, if it shows how he met his besties Angeal and Genesis, I might have a little fangirl attack, haha! Their relationship was one of my favorite parts of Crises Core even if it was mainly told in flashbacks.

Speaking of Crises Core… The biggest surprise that this stream brought to the fans was the remake of a very special game in the Final Fantasy 7 world…

Final Fantasy 7: Crises Core Remake (Property of Square Enix)

FINAL FANTASY 7: CRISES CORE REMAKE Y’ALL!!! To say my mind was blown is an understatement, because this was the LAST thing I imagined! I am beyond excited for this, because the last time I played this, it was on an emulator since our PSP didn’t work anymore. I never got to finish the game because there was a glitch that happened right when you beat the final boss that made the game crash. I have seen the end, but I’ve just never officially beat it. But let me tell you, the moment this comes out, I’m going to be all over this one. Feels train here I come!

Last but not least, we got what everyone had joined on the stream to see, and that was the trailer for Remake Part 2. Take a look at this mind-bending trailer!

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2: Rebirth (Property of Square Enix)

I was ecstatic to see this, especially since it gave a glimpse at my favorite part in the original game, which was the part where Cloud told the (untrue) story of how Sephiroth went mad. It has such a ominous feel, and I have been looking forward to the part for years. Aside from what was in the original game, it looks like we’ll definitely be getting some new stuff as well. We have new Zack Fair stuff, which will be gladly appreciated considering the fact that the last time we saw him was in a bad cliff hanger and I’m sure we all have lots of questions! That being said, I have a feeling they’re releasing the Crises Core remake before Part 2 for a reason, most likely so those who don’t know Zack Fair can get to know him. I have a feeling he’ll play a major part in this next installment.

Lastly, it was also confirmed that the Remake will be split up into three parts. We, of course, already got the first part. Rebirth will be the second part, and they did not reveal the name of the final instalment. Because of this, I have a feeling the second part will be quite long, and will probably end with Aerith’s death (if they don’t deviate from that plot point).

All in all, this was one heck of a game show and Square Enix should be proud of the games that they are creating. So far they are the only game company to have met the video game fandom’s expectations this summer. If I’m being honest, I’m actually surprised they stole the show this year. But I am overjoyed!

What do you think about all these reveals? What are you looking forward to the most? Let me know in the comments below!

As always, God bless y’all and have a wonderful weekend!

All media property of Square Enix

2 thoughts on “BREAKNG NEWS

    1. Princess Geek

      I am hoping for an appearance from him, as well as Genesis! Although I believe the white feather is also associated with Zack, so that could be reason why we are seeing it. But I do not think the Crises Core Remake release date is a coincidence. Square Enix wants to make sure we know the Crises Core characters before Remake Part 2, and that is very telling. :0

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