Quote of the Week 4/11/22

Hey guys! As you probably know, Kingdom Hearts had a big day yesterday. With the announcement of two new Kingdom Hearts games, including Kingdom Hearts IV, and three new trailers, I thought it would be appropriate to honor the series once again with some spotlight on yet another KH quote! If you’re getting tired of these KH quotes…well…sorry, not sorry!

“Nothing’s changed, huh?”

“Nope. Nothing will.”

– Riku and Sora (Kingdom Hearts II)

This quote gives me all the feels, especially now. At the end of Kingdom Hearts II, Riku and Sora finally return to their home, Destiny Island. Riku makes the comment of how nothing has changed on their little island, and Sora agrees. This part is extremely nostalgic for me, and it holds a lot of weight later, when everyone returns to Destiny Island in Kingdom Hearts III after the long battle with Xehanort, and Sora is the only one not present since he had sacrificed himself. And now we have Kingdom Hearts IV, where Sora is all grown up, and may or may not be able to return home at all. But we’re cheering for him! #BringHimHome

What are your thoughts on this quote? Let me know in the comments below! God bless y’all, and have a wonderful week!

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