BREAKING NEWS: This is NOT a drill!

The time for April Fool’s Day pranks are over! This is not a drill! Last night was the Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary event in Japan, and Square Enix brought all they could to the table. For the rest of the world, we were relying on those who were attending to keep us all updated on what was happening. There was a lot of fear going around that this event would be behind closed doors, so if any trailers released we would not know about it. This was NOT the case!

This morning, I woke up to the fandom going completely berserk, because we got- not one- not two- but THREE Kingdom Hearts trailers! After watching them, my mind is blown! First off, we got a teaser for the end of Dark Road, which will be releasing this August for mobile devices. Next, a new spin-off by the name of Missing-Link will also be releasing for mobile devices, with beta testing opening later this year. Last but not least, they revealed KINGDOM HEARTS 4!

See the combined trailers below. Keep in mind it is a subbed trailer for now.

Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Announcement Trailer (Property of Square Enix)

First off, let’s talk about Dark Road. There’s not much to say here, except that, as the trailer says, everyone’s been waiting FOREVER for the ending of this game to release. There has been delay after delay for Dark Road’s finale, but hopefully we will be able to finally see the conclusion in August with no further delay. It looks like it’s going to be pretty cool, and I’m especially curious about what the Master has to say to Xehanort!

Next up, we have the mobile game Missing-Link, which takes place after Union X I believe. I can’t WAIT for this, because we get an animated version of Brain/Blaine, one of my favorite Kingdom Hearts characters. After the ending he got in Union X, I’m very interested in seeing what comes next for him.

Last but not least…can I just say that I really don’t know how to feel about that Kingdom Hearts IV trailer? So I think a lot of us went into this event WANTING to see a trailer for IV, but weren’t really thinking it was going to happen. But we were holding onto hope, and it happened! This trailer is absolutely gorgeous and definitely not what I was expecting. Sora has a new look, and I am LOVING it! The footage is a little rough, but that’s to be expected since they just now announced it, and it probably needs some touching up. But hey, even now it looks so realistic!

So he’s in Quadratum now, which is apparently the afterlife for them. Seeing Strelitzia, Marluxia’s kid sister who died in Union X, has me really hyped! Even more thrilling is the fact that they call this the Lost Master Arc, because I have a feeling that The Master will be getting a lot of attention from here on out. We even see him at the end, with who I suppose may be Luxu. Or else…I HOPE it’s Luxu, because I don’t think I can take another mysterious Black Coat.

The event was clearly a fun experience for everyone involved! I’m glad we got a little snippet of what is to come, even if we weren’t given a solid release date for KHIV. Geez…writing KHIV feels so weird, haha! Here’s to hoping will get some more news soon! We should be getting a video of the entire event at a later date, so stay tuned for that!

What do you think about these reveals? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! And as always, God bless and have a wonderful week!

Dark Road’s finale will be releasing on mobile devices in August 2022. Release dates for Missing-Link and Kingdom Hearts IV are unknown.

All media property of Square Enix

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