Quote of the Week 5/4/21; May The 4th Be With You!

Hey guys! Today is Star Wars Day, and obviously this calls for a special quote from everyone’s favorite far, far away galaxy! My goodness is there so many quotes to choose from! After awhile of thinking, I decided to go with one from my favorite Star Wars character! Take a look!

“To late for what? The Republic to fall? It already has, and you just can’t see it! There is no justice, no law, no order. Except for the one that will replace it.” – Maul (The Clone Wars, season 7)

Oh my gosh, was the long awaited final season of The Clone Wars a complete masterpiece or WHAT?! The final battle between Maul and Ahsoka was soooo good, but it brought a surprising revelation; Maul knew what was going to happen to the Republic the whole time, and he desperately wanted to stop it. He had seen the fall of the Jedi in a vision and wanted Ahsoka to join him in stopping Order 66, but of course, our favorite Gray Jedi thought he was lying. Really though, I wonder what would have happened if she joined him?

What do you think about this quote? Sound off in the comments with your favorite Star Wars quote in honor of Star Wars Day! God bless you all and have a wonderful week! And, of course, may the 4th be with you all!

All media property of Lucasfilm

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