Quote of the Week 4/26/21

Hey guys! I’m here with a quote, of course! For this week, I decided to return to the realm of Fire Emblem: Awakening, since I don’t believe I’ve gone there much besides the one I did in February. I could be wrong though…my memory doesn’t go back too far when it comes to these Quote of the Week posts! Anyway, let’s get to the quote!

“……. Very well. My life is yours… It always has been.” – Robin (Male Avatar) (Fire Emblem: Awakening)

Boy does this bring on the feels. Near the end of Awakening, Lucina, Prince Chrom’s daughter from the future, decides that she will kill the Avatar, Robin. Since she is from the future, she knows that her father’s death is Robin’s doing. However, depending on you choices through the game, this is an emotional scene. In my playthrough, I played as Female Robin and ended up marrying Chrom, so Lucina was my daughter, too. That didn’t stop her from thinking it was the right thing to do to to kill me before I could kill Chrom (we all know who the favorite parent it around here I guess. Geez). ANYway, complaining aside, it was such a good scene, since, of course, Lucina can’t bring herself to kill her own mother.

But this quote actually comes in if you choose to play as Male Robin and marry Lucina. And, oh, this scene. WOW. Like, this isn’t the only words out of Robin’s mouth that makes me want to throw the 3DS across the room. Like Female Robin, Male Robin accepts his fate, since he would rather die himself than kill Chrom. Again, in this situation Lucina can’t bring herself to kill her own husband, but my goodness is this a good scene!

Also, to clear up any confusion about why in the world Chrom’s death would be Robin’s doing if he/she clearly didn’t want to hurt him, it was because he/she had no control over their actions at the time. Yet another poignant scene in the story when the future Lucina knows begins to play out…

Any thoughts on this week’s quote? Let me know in the comments below! As always, God bless you all and have a wonderful week!

I know I keep saying it, but my post titled “Who is Project X? Another Kingdom Hearts Mystery” is ON THE WAY!!!

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