Quote of the Week 3/28/21 (Happy Birthday Sora!)

Hey guys! I can’t believe that our favorite angel boy Sora is nineteen years old today along with the game he appears in, Kingdom Hearts. You might be thinking, “huh?! What?! I though KH just HAD a birthday?!” Well, you’re absolutely right, they did back on September 17th! But that’s it’s unofficial birthday as that was the day it released in America in 2002! Today is the day Kingdom Hearts made it’s first appearance, and so it is its official birthday. The added plus is that it’s also Sora’s birthday, confirmed by the game’s creator Tetsuya Nomura.

Because of this very special day, I have a quote that I KNOW I’ve already done before, but what the heck! I LOVE this quote and I think it holds a lot of secrets for the game. Besides, this is the first line spoken by Sora and also the first line in the entire game, so let’s go with it!

“I’ve been…having these weird thoughts lately. Like, is any of this for real…or not?” – Sora (Kingdom Hearts)

Talk about a quote with a lot of weight to it! I have ZERO clue what he’s talking about here, but gosh, are we getting close to finding out! At least, I hope we are! It is absolutely INSANE to me how this is the first line spoken in the game, then literally 18 years later we get a game with the same line spoken as it’s final line, but spoken by someone else. And seeing as how we’re just scratching the surface as to what this quote could mean, it’s crazy to think that they might have been planning this thing all the way back in 2002. I’ve seen people say Nomura is making this stuff up as he goes, but as a storyteller myself, everything that he has done so far would be near impossible to simply be making it up along the way. Either that or he has some serious luck with getting everything to fall into place so perfectly!

It’s so weird to think that Kingdom Hearts and my favorite Keyblade wielder are nineteen years old! But I can’t wait for next year’s birthday, since it’ll be KH’s 20th anniversary! And, according to Nomura, we better keep our eyes on that date, because something BIG is going to happen…

What do you think about this quote? Got any theories? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below! God bless y’all and have a wonderful week!

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