Quote of the Week 2/14/21

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! As you all know all of my quotes revolve around romance scenes, and I have a special one for today! …Well, special to me at least, hehe! After much debate on what quote I would use for Valentine’s Day (I needed it to be extra special for the holiday!), I settled on one from Fire Emblem: Three Houses! I LOVE the proposal scene at the end of Dimitri’s story! It is sooo adorable! And seeing as Dimitri is my favorite character from the game, I just knew I had to pick a quote from there! Take a look!

“Your hands… Now that I hold them within my own, I see how small and fragile they are. These hands that have saved me countless times… Thank you, my beloved. Your kind, warm hands… May they cling to my own forevermore. – King Dimitri (Exchanging rings with Byleth)

Oh, I love it! This was the perfect ending to Dimitri’s story playing as Female Byleth! It has gone on to become one of my favorite romance scenes of all time!

Do you guys have a favorite romance scene? Let me know in the comments below! Again, happy Valentine’s Day! God bless y’all and have a good week!

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