Top Ten Greatest Video Game Moments

Hey ya’ll, I’m back!  I keep going on these long breaks, but actually, that’s just school being especially difficult this year.  I’ll try to do better about posting stuff in the future!  Anyway as you probably know, I LOVE video games!  A game with an amazing story, great characters, and a beautiful soundtrack will have me hooked!  Throughout all the games I’ve played, there has been some pretty incredible moments, some that have even brought me to tears.  In this post, I’m going to count down the greatest video game moments that I have encountered.  Major Spoiler Warnings!…



10. Zidane Saves Garnet (Final Fantasy IX)

Final Fantasy IX is probably the greatest game I have ever played.  I have never played anything like it in my life!  There were no characters I disliked, which is rare.  Anyway, let me get to the point.  Alexandria, Princess Garnet’s kingdom, is in danger.  Like, it’s under attack and going down.  Garnet is up on the castle roof/balcony thing (with Eiko) and the castle begins to collapse.  It looks like Garnet is about to fall to her death.  At the last second, as she’s falling, Zidane swings in on a rope and catches her!  I just had to applaud this moment, because it really is great.  If you have not played this game, I HIGHLY recommend it!  Not just to see this moment, but to experience the incredible story!


9. Tidus and Yuna (Final Fantasy X)

Ah, yes, my first Final Fantasy game.  Final Fantasy 10 holds a special place in my heart for this reason.  I loved the story, and I really liked the characters.  Sure, Tidus was a little awkward, but I got used to him.  (But Seymour, he will be forever hated by me!)  So Yuna is a Summoner and she is the only one who can defeat the monster, Sin, who is terrorizing Spira.  Unfortunately, this will result in her death.  Tidus has a problem with this, because he becomes very attached to Yuna.  They even develop feelings for each other.  One particular scene in the game is when Yuna and Tidus have a chat in this lake in Macalania Woods.  Really, it’s kind of sad.  Tidus is telling Yuna all about his old home, Zanarkand, and promises her to take her there someday.  Of course, Yuna knows this is only wishful thinking.  The music is also really beautiful at this part.  Now, whenever I think of this part, I always think of Tidus’ description of a sunrise on the beach in Zanarkand.  Back in September my family took a trip to Destin, Florida and I put it on my bucket list to witness the sunrise.  We all woke up EXTREMELY early and went down to the beach.  It was literally still dark outside.  Anyways, it was gorgeous.  It was just exactly the way Tidus said.  Like Final Fantasy IX, I recommend this game as well, though you’re probably going to need some tissues!


8. The Sending (Final Fantasy X)

Here’s another Final Fantasy X moment!  Final Fantasy sure did have some great moments, didn’t it?  So this part was both chilling and beautiful.  One of the Summoners many jobs is to send spirits to the Farplanes.  This was first shown in the game when our gang gets to Kilika.  As the sun is setting, Yuna goes out to perform The Sending.  The music is so pretty, and you know how I am about the music.  The animation was even better.  This part never fails to give me the chills, and it’s one that I’ll never forget!


7. Auron Returns (Final Fantasy X)

There sure are a lot of moments in Final Fantasy X!  My favorite character in this game was none other than Auron, Tidus’ mentor.  Auron was quiet and mysterious, and I knew all along what his fate was going to be (not because I was spoiled, but because it was far too obvious).  I’m not going to get into that right now, however.  For now, I want to talk about his grand entrance into Spira.  You meet Auron at the very beginning of the game, but then you don’t see him for a really long time.  Finally, when Tidus’ Blitzball tournament gets stopped by a bunch of monsters, Auron makes an appearance.  While everyone’s frantically running around in a panic, Auron walks in and shows those monsters who’s boss.  While it may be somewhat of a simple moment, it still holds it’s place as number seven on my top ten list!


6. Blank Is Not Dead! (Final Fantasy IX)

Now here’s a time when I had to stop playing and fangirl for awhile.  When I was playing Final Fantasy IX and the dream team, as I call them, were heading through the Evil Forest, I had no idea that my favorite background character, Blank, was about to have some problems.  You see, they accidentally awakened the Evil Forest, and it started turning to stone.  Everything in it was turning to stone.  Everyone made it out okay, except for Blank.  I was distraught, which seems weird because Blank is a background character.  But it turns out that I like background characters best sometimes.  Moving on, here I am thinking that Blank is really gone for good.  Well, to my luck, he’s not.  Another characters, Marcus, is on the lookout for a Super Soft, something that will turn the Evil Forest back to normal and save Blank.  Things happen, of course, and you’re not able to help him.  In an unfortunate turn of events, your team is captured and it seems like all is lost…that is until Marcus and Blank come in at the last minute to save everyone.  I was so surprised!  This one was a moment I did not see coming!


5. Kylo Ren Interrogates Del (Star Wars: Battlefront II)

Time for a change in scenery!  Battlefront II was an AMAZING game and I enjoyed ever second of it (with the exception of Del’s death).  At the end of the game, you’re given the chance to play as Kylo Ren.  You have to interrogate Del and search through his memories, and it was a pretty cool part!  Of course, it didn’t make up for the horrible part that followed, but still holds it’s place as number five on the list.  If you have not played this game yet (why are you reading this if you haven’t?), play it!  You won’t regret it!


4. Wolf Link (Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess)

Twilight Princess was my first horror game.  And yes, I was actually ten years old when I first played it.  #MildlyTraumatized.  Anyway, one scene that will always be my favorite – one of the scenes that scared me the most on my first playthrough – was when Link enters the Twilight Zone and turns into a wolf for the first time.  No, for those of you who played this game, you know that Twilight Princess could be pretty terrifying at times (don’t even get me started on the desert dungeon!)  Twilight Princess is one of the only Zelda games to be rated T and it is probably the darkest game in the series (aside from Majora’s Mask and Ocarina of Time).  But back to the video game moment, Link turning into a wolf has stuck with me for the last seven years and it has remained as one of my favorite parts in every video game I’ve ever played.  If you have a thing for creepy games, this one is for you!


3. The Brink of Time (Chrono Trigger)

Chrono Trigger, in my opinion, is one of the greatest games of all time.  I’m actually still playing through it, but it has been quite the experience so far.  But there has been one moment in the game that has stood out as my favorite; entering the Brink of Time.  At one point in the game, Crono and his friends enter their time machine and things don’t go exactly as planned.  It turns out that only a certain amount of people can go in the time machine at once, and they all get trapped in the Brink of Time.  This place is basically a few streets floating in nothingness all leading to a street light in the middle with an old man standing next to it.  Unfortunately for you, you have to choose someone to leave behind.  Obviously, you can go back and get them, but still.  I get the chills every time I go there!  The music is amazing!  Like all the other games I’ve talked about in this post, this is another game I HIGHLY recommend!


2. Getting The Master Sword (Legend of Zelda)

This one goes for all Legend of Zelda games.  I mean, this is like one of the most pride filling moments in all of the games!  Something that gets me is that every time you pull the sword out of the stone the same song plays, and it never fails to give me the chills!  I think in all of the Zelda games I’ve played so far my favorite Master Sword moment is Breath of the Wild’s, but it is REALLY hard to choose!  If you play Legend of Zelda, let me know in the comments what your favorite version of getting the Master Sword is!


1. Zidane’s Surprise Comeback (Final Fantasy IX)

Now for my all time favorite video game moment!  I was blown away by the ending of Final Fantasy IX, and I don’t think any moment will ever replace it as my favorite.  At the end of the game, the villain, Kuja, dies.  But it appears that Zidane dies with him.  This was after he leaves Garnet and the others to go back to Alexandria.  So here I am thinking that Zidane is dead.  After a heartbreaking letter from one of the greatest characters in the game, Vivi, and his apparent death (man, why do so many characters have to die in Square Enix games?), everyone gathers at Alexandria to watch Queen Garnet’s favorite play, I Want to be Your Canary.  The play was to be performed by Zidane’s old acting *cough* thief *cough* group.  So the play begins and one of the actors, Cinna, comes out dressed in a hood to play the main character.  Well, the plays goes on, and at one scene I started to get a little suspicious is the guy in the hood was really Cinna.  To my surprise, the man throws off his hood to reveal that he is, in fact, Zidane.  Everyone who though he was dead freaks, including me!  Garnet races down to the stage to hug him.  And that was the greatest thing I’ve ever seen happen in any video game I’ve ever played!


So that’s that!  There are so many more great moments and I could honestly go on and on!  But now I want to know what YOUR favorites are!  Let me know in the comments below!





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