RED ALERT, STAR WARS FANS!  THIS IS NOT A DRILL!!!!  I REPEAT!!!! THIS IS NOT A DRILL!!!!!!!!!!  Today was the first day of San Diego Comic Con and, boy is the Star Wars world on fire now!  This year marks the ten-year anniversary of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and to celebrate, Dave Filoni, along with a few special guests, gathered for a panel to honor the beloved series.  Little did we know what surprise they had in store!  Check out the reveal below!


That’s right people!  CLONE WARS IS COMING BACK!!!!!!!!!  Clone Wars was canceled after it’s fifth season, and only thirteen special episodes – known as the Lost Missions – were released afterwards.  We have been asking and asking for them to bring the  animated series back…and here we are!!!  Twelve brand new Clone Wars episodes are on the way! Dave Filoni knows how to put a trailer together!  It looks AMAZING!  And Ahsoka!  She’s back!  Oh, there is only so much a fangirl such as I can take!  No release date has been said, but hey, at least it’s coming!!!  While we wait, why don’t we take this time to re-watch the other Clone Wars seasons to prepare for what is to come.  I have a feeling that this season with be unreal!


I’m literally still wondering if this is some dream!  What do you think about this reveal?  I’m pretty sure you’re as excited as everyone else!  Got any ideas on what we’ll see in the next Clone Wars episodes?  Let me know in the comments below!

When Clone Wars continues, (gosh, it’s so weird to say that!) you can read the reviews of each episode right here at Old Jho’s!



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