Star Wars Rebels Season 4 Mid-Season Trailer Breakdown

Hey Star Wars fans!  Last Friday we finally got to see a trailer for the last six episodes of Star Wars Rebels.  The trailer is incredible!  I’m a music freak, so I LOVED the music! In the trailer, we can see that things are definitely going to get a crazy as we head into the show’s grand finale.  Before we start the breakdown, why don’t we watch the trailer first?



The trailer starts with a recap of seasons 1-3 and half of season 4, detailing all that Ezra has learned.  As Ezra says, he’s learned a lot about life and being a good person.  “If not for you guys I’d be back on Lothal just waiting to be rescued, like everyone else,” he had told Kanan in the season three episode “Zero Hour”.  “Ezra, you have never been like everyone else,” Kanan replied.  We get reminded of Ezra’s unique ability to connect to other living things, such as the Purgill.  Among other things, we also hear Ezra’s transmission from the season one episode “Call to Action”.  Ryder tells him that his words started something that has grown bigger than he could have imagined.

The recon stops and goes to the next half of season four.  The rebels are all gathered at their makeshift base (along with Gregor and Wolf!).  “We can do this together,” Ezra tells Kanan.  “Let’s go get Hera,” Kanan says.  At the next scene I could practically hear a few panicked cries from fans.  Kanan actually takes a knife and cuts his ponytail off.  I really think that this symbolizes that Kanan isn’t afraid of his old identity anymore.  Anyway, we see some imperial gunships fly by before it switches to two Stormtroopers guarding Hera, who is bound up on a interrogation chair.  “You’re in terrible trouble,” she tells them.  Kanan’s lightsaber cuts a whole in the floor where one of the Stormtroopers is standing.  He falls as Kanan watches.  Kanan forces the other trooper out the window.  Ezra walks through a very strange place and sees a convor owl.  “Hey!” Ezra says to the owl.  “I’ve seen you before.”

The next scene shows Kanan and Hera reunited.  “I have to tell you something,” she says to Kanan.  “I hate your hair.” ……. At least she’s honest?  Next is a shot of Lothal’s grassy plains, a Loth-cat watches the rebels riding on Loth-wolves in the distance.  The wolves run alongside the Ghost as well.  Then we see all the rebels gathered in an Imperial looking room.  Hondo, Ketsu, and the other rebels appear to have captured Governor Pryce.  “Let’s go rebels!”  Zeb says.  There are a few shots of the rebels battling the Empire.  Thrawn orders a full scale bombardment of Lothal city.  Rukh arrives and is seen fighting Zeb.  We see the rebels fighting off Stormtroopers on a ship’s bridge.  Kanan blocks shots with his lightsaber and Ezra uses the force to take out a Deathtrooper.  The next slit-second shot shows Ezra forces something with broken glass floating around him.  And then that unmistakable voice; Ian McDiarmid as the Emperor.  “Ezra Brider!”  He says.  “Mine at last!”  This is when we finally see him…

And he’s terrifying!  Blue fire surrounds him, which he throws at Ezra.  We see Ezra in yet another strange place with four Loth-wolves.  One of the wolves is HUGE!  Kanan protects Hera from Rukh and the two of them start to fight.  Ezra and Zeb run as things explode around them.  Hera tells everyone to hang on before she flips the Ghost around and smashes into an Imperial gunship to destroy it.  The next few shots are more battle scenes.  Lothal capital is literally going up into the air the city gets demolished.  I do want to point out a split-second scene where Sabine is in possession of Ezra’s lightsaber.  I don’t know why she would have that, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see!  More scenes show Zeb punching a Stormtrooper, Ezra fighting Rukh, Deathtroopers,  Kanan and Rukh fighting some more, and a Loth-wolf attacking somebody.  And then another big surprise shot!  Look at this!…

Hopefully you watched the Clone Wars before this because I have a feeling you won’t understand.  The picture that Ezra is looking at is of the three Force Wielders from the Clone Wars’ Mortis ark.  There is The Son, who represents the Dark Side, The Daughter, representing the Light Side, and The Father, who must work to keep his children balanced.  Notice that there is a very familiar looking convor on The Daughter’s shoulder.  This all might be connected to Ahsoka’s fate.  Real quick recap, but back in the Mortis ark, Ahsoka was killed by the The Son, who had used her to try and murder The Father.  But when The Son tried to kill him, The Daughter got in the way and she ended up dying.  Though before she died, she decided to give what life she had left to Ahsoka.  So if you really think about it, Ahsoka had The Daughter’s spirit.  The convor is probably Ahoska, if she died fighting Darth Vader, of course.  This is another revelation that only time will tell.  Anyway,  The last two scenes has Ezra facing a hologram of what looks like the Emperor.  “I know what we have to do now,” says Ezra.  It switches to Ezra standing there, blaster and lightsaber drawn, with the three Loth-wolves behind him.  “One last lesson,” he says, igniting his blade.


So there you have it!  Now that I’ve seen the trailer, I have so many questions.  Is Ezra going to the Dark Side?  What are all those strange places?  What are the wolves?  WHAT HAPPENED TO AHSOKA????!!!!!  So many questions… Anyway,  I just want to say that I am really hoping that Grand Admiral Thrawn will not be killed off in the end.  I really, really want him to win.  So hard to root for the rebels when Thrawn is your favorite character!  Did you notice anything about the trailer that I didn’t mention?  What is your biggest Star Wars Rebels question?  Let me know in the comments below!


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