Star Wars: Ahsoka Book Review

All the way back on October 11, 2016, Star Wars: Ahsoka, by E. K. Johnston, was released.  Luckily, I had pre-ordered it and was able to get it right away!  Yet, it took me awhile to read it, so i have only just recently finished.  Putting all that stuff that was kind of sad behind me, it was an interesting read.  (Spoiler Alert!)

First, I want to talk about Hedala.  Ahsoka is friends with this family who has a toddler named Hedala.  The family has no idea that Hedala is Force sensitive, but Ahsoka knows. By the end of this book, this stook out to me as a loose thread.  I know that that Ahsoka taking the girl as her padawan or something like that would have been for another story, but still.  All that we are left with is Ahsoka telling the girls Father that Hedala is special. I have hope that we might find out what happens to her sometime in the future.

Another thing I found interesting Is the Sixth Brother.  We’ve seen the Fifth Brother, the Eighth Brother, and the Seventh Sister, not to mention the Grand Inquisitor, in Star Wars Rebel, but we never got where they came from.  The Sixth Brother didn’t seem to be as powerful as the other Inquisitors, since he was killed in his first battle with a weaponless Ahsoka.  I really hope that they reveal where all these Inquisitor came from before Star Wars Rebels ends.

I like the amount of old characters that showed up in this book.  We got people like Bail and Captain Antilles.  There are some parts in the book that have flashbacks or a look at what other characters are doing, like Obi-Wan-Kenobi.  But we even got to have Darth Maul and the Grand Inquistor come in.  It was really cool!   Oh yeah, extra points on one-year-old Leia showing up in the book!

We finally get to figure out how Ahsoka got those amazing white Lightsabers!  Not only that though, they also explained why Sith have red Lightsabers.  When explaining where Kyber Crystals (Lightsaber Crystals) came from, this is what it had to say about it…

Dark Crystals were made, too, but not in that holy place.  They were plundered from their rightful bearers and corrupted by the hands that stole them.  Even rock could be changed by the power of the Force, bleeding alternations until their color was the deepest red.  The balance was finally staged between the two, light and dark, and it took very little to upset it.

So, when a Sith takes a Kyber Crystal, it gets corrupted by evil and turns red.  A red Kyber Crystal can even turn to blue, or in a Ahsoka’s case, white.  Ahsoka had gotten her crystals from the Sixth Brother after she had defeated him.  Since she is a Gray Jedi, they turned white.

So I am fairly happy with this book.  It was fun and pretty awesome, if not a little sad.  Now, if they would just tell us if Ahsoka really did survive her battle with Darth Vader in the Star Wars Rebels season 2 finale…


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